architecture parallax : all things considered são paulo brazil 2017-18

galeria virgílio

“Architecture Parallax: All Things Considered”

The installation is constructed as an upside down world that reflects the conflicting condition of the metropolis of São Paulo.

Architecture Parallax – All Things Considered, displaces the viewer’s position from an architectural familiar experience, to a world in perceptual conflict.

The exhibition is a constructed, upside-down-world that is articulated through two architectural paradigms: The Tower of Babel and the Cluny Monastery. These two utopic models shift and influence the architectural map of built forms.

The two conflicting architectural models, the Tower of Babel and the Cluny Monastery, one an architectural sin defies the higher order, and the other restores the belief in the higher order. These precedents are built architectural forms that are still with us and reflect our metropolitan conditions. Both are similar in the manner that they are self-sustaining communities and multi- purpose structures as ideal models.

This upside down constructed and conflicting world is also communicated with a series of colour photographs depicting the city of São Paulo viewed from an upside- down position.

Pilis displaces the viewer’s position as he has constantly explored in his previous works in order to raise viewers’ awareness of their own experience and vision; it is an active process to reposition the viewer towards a contemporary point of view and to perceptually consider exactly how the human body navigates space.

The installation explores the grey relationship world between dis·ordinate and in·ordinately. It examines and re-engineers the social fabric of models in disarray employing as metaphors the Tower of Babel and the Cluny monastery, both conflicting, as construct of the metropolis condition of São Paulo.

The exhibition will be accompanied by an article written by Agnaldo Farias and a publication will be produced specifically for these works.