Sselected series from 179 blind architects 2004 - 2008

A series of works developed during an architect/artist/writer residence at the Banff Centre in Canada during sept. - oct.


These works consisted in investigating the metaphor “The Blind Architect” for the development of the feature film “The Blind Architect”. Various works were produced with text, image and film.

Alexander also participated at the symposium with a multi-media presentation, entitled “architecture parallax : the blind architect”, with the performance of Lance Blomgren as the blind architect.

The irony being that we live in a sensory "rich" world -- both natural and constructed.  More so than 100 years ago, or 100 years ago, or 10000 years ago.  However, do we really train our senses, but merely receive.

I think this is germane to the blindness inquiry -- it is the need to train senses in order "to see" ... which is a way of knowing.  

Even if you have sight.

adn barcelona 2004

peak gallery toronto 2006

mcmaster museum hamilton 2010

architecture parallax : the blind architect