Building designed by Lina B. Bardi.

Exhibition curated by Angélica de Morais.

A 400cm lenght X 400cm wide X 3cm thickness white broken marble. It leans against the structural column of the building located near the main entrance.

2 video projections, 1 on each side.

The video projection is of David by Michelangelo, his front on one side and the his back on the other side of the marble slab.

When the observer is facing the section of the marble, the observer will see pure light.

The materiality of the marble disappears into pure light and both projected images of David, front and back collapses. Architect; Lina B Bardi

estadão de são paulo newspaper yearly award & SESC da pompéia sp 2001 • curator angelica de morais

architecture parallax : virtual section