The Duke Karl Eugen of W├╝rttemberg, afraid of the possibility of his monarchy falling, parallel to the French revolution, build 3 castles; one to govern, one to reside and another for pleasures.

He decentralized his position of power, from a central to a 3 position , thus deflecting his position, a precaution against a revolt.

The installation was sited within the main hall of the pleasure palace , one of the castle Schloss Solitude.

4 optically reconstructed binoculars place on tripods sited off the main Cartesian axis in reference to the shift of the crown.

Each eye piece of the 4 binoculars has a shifted view of David by Michelangelo. a parallax view of David within the space itself.

A virtual David in actual space.

architecture parallax : view - bi - oculus