architecture parallax : scopic frame

6  reconstructed - optically refurbished  pairs of binoculars demonstrating the parallax theorem.

The entrance binoculars:

2 binoculars placed facing each other on both sides of the wall. 1 binocular in the gallery’s closet wall looking to the main entrance of the gallery and the other binocular placed on the entrance wall looking to the inside of the closet.

These binoculars have the views of the entrance from outside in and inside out.

When one is looking through the binocular, the observer will see 2 displaced views of the same view, a parallax condition.

The binoculars placed on 2 distinct window glass panes, are located inside and outside facing each other, one pair totally blind and the other pair full light - blinding light.  

From the street the passer by can see both binoculars, one outside and the other inside, mirroring each other.

curator claire christie