architecture parallax : g7 snacklunch

the power plant art gallery toronto 1988

4 assembled elements:

The tower of Babel on casters with a black granite tv box. On the screen  a photo montage.

Babel is located outside of the gallery’s main entrance intersection the great hall and the historical chimney.

Inside of the gallery at the perching balcony, 2nd floor, a white medical examiner table. On it a telescope viewing the photo construct through the glass directly at the photomontage of the G7 world leader gathering lunch at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

During the G7 world leaders gathering, the city of Toronto in Canada was under siege by special security forces. Not only family portraits were taken of the G7 as a group but also the Art Gallery of Ontario was closed to the public so that a special luncheon could be held for the G7 and their wives.

The photomontage consist of the luncheon at the A.G.O, the principal bank towers in downtown Toronto and a cannibal women painted in 1630’s by Albert Eckhout in Brazil.