architecture parallax : the legacy of the future is the burden of the present

chopo museum mexico df 2005

The building was exported from Belgium Europe and built in Mexico to become the exhibition palace for machines. It failed.

19th. century restored vitrines cases originally belonging to the Museum Chopo, when it was previously the Natural Science Museum from 1903 to 1967.

7 distinct specimen of stuffed birds also originally belonging to the museum. The birds were deities in the Mayan and Aztec cultures.

6 pairs of totally reconstructed binoculars on tripods.

The 2 optically refurbished binoculars facing each other with one of the vitrine cases in between is located adjacent to the main entrance. It had a constructed parallax view of the entrance itself, as going into the museum and leaving the museum.

This vitrine case was empty except it had the biological description of the Quetzal bird and its original sound.  A bird in distinction.

The 2 binoculars facing each other at the far right where the specimen crow vitrine was located, the binoculars are reconstructed with blinding lights.

The binoculars located at the far left where the owl was located, the binoculars were set up with a blind views.

This installation occurred when the main political party for 60 years started to disintegrate. The assassination of the opposition party had just occurred. Money corruption and drug lords belonging to the main political party was also being exposed.